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An insight into what school really teaches you

“It is your resilience in conquering the main event — adversity — that truly prepares you for life after school. Because, mark my words, school is not the most challenging time you will have in life. You will face far greater challenges than these. Sure, you will have times more amazing than you can imagine, but you will also confront incomparable tragedy, frustration, and fear in the years to come.”

What students really need to hear: Click here to read this article

All About Charter Schools

“Charter schools continue to serve more students and families seeking specific paths toward academic success. Still, some remain unclear on these effective and popular public education options for millions of students.”

Many reasons why parents choose public charter school – continue reading

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All about the new Enterprise High School brand


A new identity that represents the consistent growth and success achieved through dedication and effort.

In June 2016, Enterprise High School took on new ownership, and with this exciting change, we’re delighted to launch a new identity that communicates everything we’re about; Innovative education, student growth and success.

Even though we have a new look, our vision and goals remain the same; We target the population of students whose educational needs have not been met at any meaningful level and are a viable alternative for the non-traditional student. The Enterprise model catches the students who are falling through the cracks and empowers the community with more contributing adult citizens.


Enterprise High School featured on WUSF 89.7


We were the subject of a WUSF story, discussing the need and importance of what we’re doing here at Enterprise High School.

You can listen to this feature here