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Program Overview

A 21st Century approach to learning that customizes instruction based on each individual student’s needs.

Our instructional method is self-paced, teacher directed and technology-centered. Formative assessment is included in each course to track instructional practices.

Our Curriculum is focused on the core subjects of reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies and science. The teachers are trained to (and the computer programs are designed to) ensure that each student demonstrates
mastery of the current lesson before they move on to the next lesson. This ensures that NO STUDENT IS LEFT BEHIND. All Enterprise curricula are aligned to the State Standards and also meet Local requirements.

Teachers and administrators are always well informed of every student’s strengths, weaknesses, and progress towards graduation. Each student, parent, and guardian has access to real time information concerning graduation status.

Enterprise also teaches the skills that each student will need to make the transition from high school to college, technical training or the workforce. We want each graduate to be a responsible member of their community.


¬†Enterprise High School offers a variety of curriculum solutions to meet every student’s
need that they can complete at their own pace to stay on track for graduation.

Apex Learning

Apex Learning is committed to high standards, academic excellence, and success for all students. Since 1999, Apex Learning has been accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), an accreditation division of AdvancED. The certificate of accreditation recognizes Apex Learning for promoting and maintaining a well-balanced education program and for exceeding standards
considered essential for quality education.

Click the following link to view the:
Apex Efficacy Study

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery can help reduce dropout rates by enabling students to quickly recover the credits they need to graduate. Credit recovery at Enterprise High School can be ideal for students who:

  • Are short credits for graduation due to failing a course.
  • Are falling behind on credits due to failure of a course or a semester of a course.
  • Have missed course requirements due to illness or schedule conflicts and consequently failed a course or a semester of a course.

Reading Plus

Information coming soon.

Think Through Math

Information coming soon.

Write Score

Information coming soon.

The Enterprise High School Vocational Program includes three courses: Work Experience, Workplace Essentials, and Personal and Family Finance.

Work Experience is a popular course because students can earn up to four elective credits by working or volunteering. One credit of this course is a graduation requirement.

Workplace Essentials is a work readiness course which provides skills and knowledge essential to a successful career. This course may be accessed from a home computer. This course is required for graduation. The purpose of Personal and Family Finance is to give students an overview of money management, saving and investing, spending and credit, taxation and financial planning. This is an elective course.

Three teachers in the ESE Department work with Exceptional Education students in making sure their paperwork is in compliance with state standards. We also work with the students and teachers to make sure all accommodations are in place within the classroom so that students are able to work to their potential. We work with all students in the classroom, individually, and in small groups. We help them with reading, math strategies and time management skills. This helps with their confidence and teaches them how to work independently.

The three teachers are divided among the classrooms. Mrs. Van Hyning works in the English and Reading classes. Mr. Settlemire works in the Science and Social Studies classes, and Mrs. Duebel works in the Math and ESOL classes.

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program at Enterprise High School is designed to help students who either come from other countries and are learning English or are from the United States but are learning English as their second language. These students receive support and accommodations from Mr. Johnson (ESOL teacher), Ms. Velasco (Bilingual Aide), and the rest of the staff to help them complete their classes and to increase their ability to read, write, and speak English proficiently.

Each year the English proficiency of ESOL students is assessed to monitor progress and to see where additional support is needed. The goal of the ESOL program is to help students finish their classes and meet all the requirements for graduation so they can receive a high school diploma.

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